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IT specialists from WSB in Wroclaw discover Virtual Reality – the university has created a VR laboratory together with a local business


Mural XR

Several sets of virtual and augmented reality goggles. Moreover, fully equipped programming stations, green screen and didactic space. Wroclaw School of Banking will soon enter the world of groundbreaking technologies thanks to Giant Lazer XR Lab. test treest

Mural XR

A new generation of creators

VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are examples of immersive technologies that allow users to immerse themselves in a digital world created by programmers, 3D designers and graphic artists. These are teams involved in building digital worlds and embedding them in systems that imitate physical conditions – such as gravity or lighting.

Such specialists are currently being trained by the WSB University in Wroclaw. The university conducts IT studies with a specialisation devoted to virtual reality, and now it is taking another step in this regard. Ahead of us is the opening of the new Giant Lazer XR Lab space, prepared especially for creators going beyond our dimension.

WSB is opening a space unique in Poland, equipped with top VR and AR devices, specialised laptops for developers, as well as a motion capture set dedicated to the green box located in the room. Using all the equipment, students will be able not only to create their own projects, but also use nine specially prepared training applications.

Business in the service of education

The name of the laboratory does not come from nowhere. The space was created in cooperation with Giant Lazer, a Wroclaw-based company that specialises in producing VR/AR applications.

We have been working with WSB University for many years. We share a genuine passion for innovation, which allowed us to design the XR Lab together. Just walk in there, look around, and try out the equipment. You can see right away that this is a groundbreaking educational project,” admits Jakub Korczyński, CEO of Giant Lazer.

What will students learn? First of all, they will learn to work with game engines such as Unity or Unreal. Moreover, they will face many different systems, such as Meta Quest, HTC Vive, Valve, RealWear, or HoloLens2, and they will have a chance to work on special effects and create animations, based on working with green screen.

We have taken our team’s experience and knowledge of the latest technologies, and turned it into a student-friendly space. If you’re interested in virtual experiences, you can work wonders at the WSB University,’ adds Jakub Korczyński.

Technologies of the future

What exactly is virtual reality? It allows users to interact with digital objects. By putting on goggles and grabbing controllers, anyone can move and act in a generated 3D world. The field is now entering the public consciousness with games, such as the Polish hit Superhot, but also training applications and audiovisual experiences. They are used in medicine, industry or HR activities.

Augmented reality is best experienced by the youngest players, who are familiar with the mobile hit Pokemon GO. Since its release, it has turned out that a gyroscope, camera and a bit of artificial intelligence can turn the screen of a phone or the lens of glasses into a portal to another world.

The official opening of the Giant Lazer XR Lab will take place on 9 March at 12pm in Building G on the WSB campus. During the event, guests will hear talks on groundbreaking VR and AR solutions and learn about all the possibilities that the lab at the WSB University holds.

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