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Wolves Summit announces their upcoming Alpha Wolves event in London


Wolves Summit, an integrated dealflow and digital marketing platform for investors and tech companies, offering year-round engagement through digital events, corporate innovation challenges and startup scaling activities, anno...

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Wolves Summit

Biotts launches clinical trials in 2023! The startup has received permission to manufacture medicinal products


Biotts, a biopharmaceutical company based in Wroclaw, has created a breakthrough transdermal system that allows drugs, previously administered only orally or by injection, to be transferred through the skin. The company has re...

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Wroclaw-based LabPlus with technology for analyzing lab results strengthens in Poland and takes first steps in Asia


Wrocław-based LabPlus has created a pioneering technology that automates the interpretation of laboratory test results. Its e-analysis product LabTest Checker incorporates medical intelligence, all based on a proprietary diagn...

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Zespół LabPlus

INKsearch.co conquers the world. The Wroclaw-based tattoo booking platform has managed to attract a major investor


More than 200 thousand euros have been allocated by EKIPA Investments ASI for the development of the INKsearch.co tattoo booking platform. The company invested in the Wroclaw-based company together with one of the best investo...

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Wroclaw-based startup is providing professional physiotherapy and ergonomics care for employees


Wroclaw-based startup Oppa is partnering with businesses to provide professional physiotherapy and ergonomics care. Their program helps employees stay fit and healthy throughout their lives, while supporting employers with str...

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