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New tech meetup in town: Java on the silver screen!
Thursday, September 29th at 18:00


The first iTechMeetup - a series of technology events aimed at IT professionals - kicks off on Thursday, 29.09 at 18:00. This time the organizers, iTechArt, are inviting Java developers to two talks related to this area.

The event will be held at the Lower Silesian Film Center. Participation is free, and networking with traditional pizza will follow the lectures.


The lectures will be led by experienced iTechArt engineers from Wroclaw and Warsaw – Team Manager Krzysztof Gonia and Software Architect Vitali Kviatkouski. Check the event’s website.

What’s on the agenda?

Presentation #1: Project Loom – the killer of reactive programming

Project Loom will finally live to see its release. Along with Java 19, Oracle is placing in our hands a tool that has been tempting developers for some time with the promise of performance improvements on par with reactive programming – only that without breakneck code complications and the need to involve senior developers. In a nutshell, Project Loom is moving out of the prototype phase and into the halls of commercial projects in no small style, already promising performance improvements for legacy applications without huge code changes.

During the presentation, Krzysiek will show how you can take advantage of the benefits of this solution and in what cases Project Loom is better than the performance approach used in reactive programming.

Speaker : Krzysztof Gonia

Language : English or Polish

Krzysztof Gonia – Team Leader, Java Technical Lead iTechArt Poland

Krzysiek has eight years of professional experience, five of which he spent in a global corporation based in Silicon Valley. He is also involved as a lecturer, the last two years at Coders Lab programming academy. At iTechArt, Krzysztof is Deputy Head of Java Family, where his tasks include taking care of the high level of competence of developers in the company’s Polish branches.

Presentation #2: Why should you understand the architecture of a framework?

Today, many frameworks, especially in Java, provide a really great developer experience. Looking from the outside, they work like magic. And we, even as experienced developers, apply so-called “magical thinking” and rely on the framework without learning the mechanics of how it works. However, understanding the framework’s architecture, concepts and functions makes us faster, more productive and has fewer performance and security issues. 

In this presentation we will show what mistakes can be made without understanding the architecture of the framework and how you can write better code based on some examples using Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA and Spring Websockets.

Speaker : Vitali Kviatkouski

Language : English

Vitali Kviatkouski – Solution Architect and Team Lead

Vitali has been primarily involved with Java for 14 years. He has worked on a variety of projects, from standard e-commerce applications to a rather exotic microservices-based fraud detection system or the migration of an insurance platform to the cloud. As a hobby, he contributes as a Java/Architecture mentor and is a speaker at technical events.

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