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Research institutions

Wroclaw research centres offer modern laboratories and equipment, as well as qualified specialists to operate the labs and provide support. Here's a list of selected units active in the region.




HAK LLC Research and Development Centre

Institute of Energy Systems Automation in Wroclaw

KFB Acoustics

KGHM CUPRUM Research and Development Centre in Wroclaw

L. Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy PAN

Łukasiewicz Research Network - Electrotechnical Institute Division of Electrotechnology and Materials Science

Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development

Machinefish Materials & Technologies

Military Institute of Engineer Technology

Poltegor Institute

Pracownia Hałasu

Research and Development Centre Novasome LLC

Research and Development Centre, Provincial Specialized Hospital in Wroclaw

University of Wroclaw

W. Trzebiatowski Institute of Low Temperature and Structural Research PAN

Wroclaw Centre of Technology Transfer

Wroclaw Medical University

Wroclaw Technology Park

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

ZEC Diagpom

Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA S.A.

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