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SatRev and Zaitra in prestigious European Space Agency project. They are revolutionizing space technology


Development of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology for image processing on spacecraft - this is what two well-known companies, Zaitra and Wroclaw-based SatRev, will be working on, having announced a partnership in the European Space Agency's (ESA) SKAISEN project. See what the Wroclaw-based companies will be doing.

The project is led by Zaitra (a Czech space company) in cooperation with the Wroclaw-based SatRev and two other partners from ESA member countries.

“The partnership is a combination of the unique competencies of these companies in this innovative project.” – the participants emphasize.

SatRev and Zaitra enter into partnership as part of European Space Agency’s SKAISEN project

SatRev S.A. is a Wroclaw-based space company founded in 2016, specializing in the design, manufacture and operation of nanosatellites and expertise in data analysis. To date, SatRev has successfully sent 11 satellites into Earth’s orbit.

“SatRev is honored to participate in the SKAISEN project, working with industry leader Zaitra and other partners. This special moment fills us with pride, as our innovative approach to image processing in space is shaping the future of this fascinating field. We are enthusiastic about the future developments we plan to make with our partners, contributing to the revolution in space technology.”
– Grzegorz Zwolinski, CEO of SatRev.

Artificial intelligence and image processing on spacecraft

Zaitra is a Czech company founded in 2020 that specializes in optimizing the delivery of space data.

Together with the Czechs, SatRev will work on developing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology for processing images on spacecraft.

The collaboration includes familiarizing Zaitra with the UniBus platform, providing images via SatRev to train the AI-based model, and developing a test and development platform.

“The SKAISEN project also plans to conduct functional and environmental tests to confirm that Zaitra’s algorithm combined with edge-computing technology is ready to be sent into orbit. This ambitious endeavor aims to revolutionize imaging in space, and SatRev is proud to play a role in this innovative project.” – adds G. Zwolinski.

What does SatRev do? Where are their satellites being used?

SatRev is a Wroclaw-based company operating in the space industry – the first of the Polish commercial entities to place their objects in orbit. The company specializes in developing broad constellations of observational nanosatellites that collect optoelectronic data. In total, it has already launched 11 satellites into space.

SatRevolution S.A. was founded in June 2016 by Grzegorz Zwolinski, Damian Fijałkowski and Radoslaw Łapczyński, creators of the Wroclaw-based T-Bull S.A. studio, a leading Polish mobile game developer.

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