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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Industries. AI Products for Manufacturing, Automotive, Restaurants, Paper, and Chemical Industries. We develop cutting-edge AI solutions for diverse industries. Our CFD Suite accelerates Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, reducing time from hours to minutes—saving costs and enabling faster decision-making. Cognitive Services enhance manufacturing with visual inspection, automotive with engine quality assessment, paper industry with process monitoring and analysis. Cognitive Services also include a powerful module for IoT/data analytics. This invaluable addition enhances your operations with advanced predictive maintenance capabilities, identifying risks, triggering alarms, and optimizing large-scale infrastructures for uninterrupted performance. In restaurants, our software streamlines operations, recognizing meals and optimizing self-checkout, reducing wait times. Unlock the potential of real-time analytics with our custom AI software development expertise, empowering you to analyze images, videos, sounds, and time-series data with precision.

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Why Wroclaw?

Being one of the largest and developed cities in Poland, Wroclaw is filled with various industries such as IT, automotive, engineering, and many more. The capital of Lower Silesia has been widely recognised worldwide...

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