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Discover modern technologies at the Cyber Security Forum in Wroclaw



Wroclaw is one of the most important technology and business centers in Poland, attracting innovative companies and IT professionals from all over the country. This makes the city an ideal location for events related to the topic of cyber security.

On April 14, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the first floor of the Ibis Hotel Styles Wroclaw Centrum, close to the Central Railway Station, two companies - Giant Lazer as a producer of interactive and educational VR / AR applications, and Sun Capital sp. z o.o. as an an IT company specializing in data protection training - will host the Cyber Security Forum.


The Cyber Security Forum promises to be one of the most important events on the map of the IT industry in Poland, which allows to meet and exchange experiences between specialists, scientists and business representatives. During the event, experts from different parts of the country will present their knowledge and experience in new technologies for building a cyber security system. The organizers encourage to participate even those with basic or negligible knowledge of the subject, as the forum provides an opportunity to learn new skills and meet experts in the field of cyber security. This year’s edition aims to highlight the role of virtual reality in building capacity to protect data and greater awareness of cyber security.

To participate in the Cyber Security Forum, please fill out the form in advance participation in order to receive access to generate a free ticket in the second stage of registration ticket (the number of seats is limited).

You will find the participation form in the link below:
Event – Cyber Security Forum – Sun Capital

What is in the agenda?

During the Cyber Security Forum, participants will have a chance to take part in presentations, panel discussions and workshops, through which they will gain knowledge about about the latest data protection techniques, virtual reality and ways to prevent cyber attacks. In between the lectures, sponsors (HTC VIVE, Eaton, QNAP, MailStore, Cypherdog, IceWarp, Volvo, Komsa), as well as attendees will have a chance to to discuss the latest trends and threats in the field of network security network security.

Speakers will share their insights on data security in the Automotive industry (lecture by Dawid Pikuła, Senior Solution Engineer from Volvo), will present ways to secure email (lectures by representatives of Ice Warp, MailStore and Cypherdog), and will talk about the use of virtual reality in business and the use of modern training for employees in the field of cyber security (lectures by representatives of Giant Lazer and Sun Capital). In addition, will be able to listen to a presentation on the dilemma that most companies – whether to invest in their own SOC or use an MDR service provided by external vendors. This will be an ideal opportunity to make new contacts, exchange knowledge and experience, and gain valuable insights to help you building an effective cyber security system.

The Cyber Security Forum is also an opportunity to learn about the latest technological solutions, so participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use VR (virtual reality) to build an effective cyber security system. Virtual reality is one of the more interesting technologies, which is increasingly applied in various areas of life. Therefore, an important part of the event will also be the presentation of the Company (Un)Hacked product. This is an effective course designed in virtual reality that raises awareness of cyber security among company employees through immersive gameplay.

With Company (Un)Hacked, companies will finally have a real better chance of preventing huge losses from hacker attacks, because a properly trained employee, is a safe company. And as it turns out according to research – as many as 50% of attacks start with a regular employee.

Participation in the event is free of charge, and each participant will have the opportunity, in addition to lectures and workshops, to take part in competitions with valuable prizes and enjoy refreshments.

The Cyber Security Forum is ideal for those involved in IT security, cyber security specialists, network administrators and managers, as well as for all those who want to ensure that their staff can operate securely in the cyberspace.

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