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It doesn’t matter what stage your startup is - here you will find valuable content that may help you go over your idea, make a first step, improve your business or come up with clever solutions.

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Going public as one of the options for raising capital for a start-up


Start-ups are extremely diverse in their business models, but most of them share a common denominator - actively seeking capital for further development. Founders considering various forms of financing for…

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Own business from scratch- an introduction to data protection for modern entrepreneurs


This article might begin with the brave thesis that modern business depends almost entirely
on the Internet and technology. Why is this happening? On the one hand, we are…

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SDZLEGAL Schindhelm

Science and business – between technology commercialisation and knowledge transfer


Cooperation between business and universities takes place at many levels, including through a number of activities that can be described by the buzzword "commercialisation". What is technology commercialisation and why…

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Networking, fool – about the power of business relationships


They are available for free to everyone, and often worth millions. When running a startup, it's worth betting on valuable business relationships and effective networking.

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Competitive advantage through organisational culture – be like a startup or lose the market


The concept of turquoise organisations entered our language permanently in 2016 when Frederic Laloux's book entitled "To work differently" was translated and published in Poland. The book named what everyone…

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Wroclaw is one of the biggest startup hubs in Poland. Check what fantastic startups are based here.

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