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Regulations governing the provision of services by electronic means

I Definitions

  1. Service Provider – Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej Spółka Akcyjna with registered office in Wrocław, address: pl. Solny 14, 50-062 Wrocław, for which the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commercial Department of the National Court Register keeps company records, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs under KRS number 0000248319, NIP 8971710346, with fully paid-up share capital of PLN 32 090 990.00.
  2. Portal – website operated by the Service Provider, operating under the address www.wroclaw.pl/startupy.
  3. User – any natural person with full legal capacity, legal person or organisational unit without legal personality, to which separate provisions grant legal capacity. The User can also be a natural person who does not have full legal capacity, under the condition that they obtain the consent of their statutory representative to use the Portal, or acting without such a representative, as long as using the Portal does not exceed the legal possibilities of their independent functioning as regards the actions taken.
  4. Rules – these Rules together with all the appendices (including the Privacy Policy) constituting its integral part, determining the principles of Portal operation, including in particular
  • general rules of using the Portal,
  • rights and obligations of the Users, and
  • rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Provider.

II Scope and conditions of providing the service covered by the regulations

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to services provided by electronic means, consisting of making available by the Service Provider information, materials, files and other documents or content through the Portal, including the content prepared by the Service Provider’s partners, as well as services consisting of redirection from the Portal to the websites of the Service Provider’s partners, for which the Service Provider is not responsible. The Service Provider provides services for Users to the extent and under the conditions specified in these Terms of Use.
  2. The Service Provider makes the Terms of Use available free of charge by placing them on the Portal website at  https://startupwroclaw.pl/regulations/, and also, at the request of the User, in a way that allows the acquisition, reproduction and recording of the content of the Terms of Use by means of a teleinformatic system used by the User.
  3. Within the Portal the User may browse its resources, contact the Service Provider and fill in a form to add a startup to the database maintained and made available by the Service Provider.
  4. The Portal may be used by any User.
  5. The use of the Portal is voluntary and no fees are charged.
  6. The agreement for the provision of services is concluded when the User enters the appropriate URL in a web browser within the Portal, containing content made available as part of the services or when the User uses redirection to such websites.
  7. Beginning to use the services described in the Regulations is tantamount to full acceptance of the terms of these Regulations by the User without the need to draw up a separate agreement. The User undertakes to comply with them.
  8. The User agrees to use the Portal in a manner consistent with its intended use and not interfering with its functioning, including through the use of specific software or devices, in a manner consistent with these Regulations, relevant provisions of law and customary rules of using the Internet (“netiquette”) and generally accepted ethical and social standards. It is forbidden for the User to provide unlawful content.
  9. The Service Provider reserves the right to discontinue the provision of services in the case of violation of these Regulations by the User.
  10. Up-to-date information on the function and purpose of software or data not included in the content of services, introduced into the ICT system used by the service user (cookies), is contained in the Privacy Policy .

III Technical conditions of using the portal

The technical requirements necessary for using the Portal by the User are as follows:

  1. possession of a mobile or stationary device allowing access to the Internet, equipped with a functioning operating system, and
  2. having installed on the device referred to in section 1 above the latest, up-to-date version of a web browser providing access to Internet resources and accepting cookie files, i.e. Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or another compatible one.

IV Risks associated with the use of services

The use of services provided electronically may involve risks. Risks may occur despite the Service Provider’s use of measures to protect the Service Provider’s infrastructure against unauthorised actions of third parties. Possible risks include in particular:

  1.  the presence and operation of malware, including: computer viruses, i.e. specific software that is able, once launched, to infect files in a self-replicating manner, usually without being noticed by the User; viruses may be more or less harmful to the operating system in which they reside, but even in the least serious case they are a waste of RAM, CPU and hard disk space;
  2.  spyware – programs that track user activities, collect information about the user and send it – usually without the user’s knowledge or consent – to the program’s author
  3. spam, i.e. unsolicited advertising (commercial) information transmitted electronically;
  4. phishing for sensitive personal information (e.g. passwords) by impersonating a trustworthy person or institution
  5. cracking security features by sending fake e-mails that look deceptively authentic in order to obtain personal and confidential information for the purpose of identity theft
  6. Cryptanalytic activities, i.e. finding weaknesses in a cryptographic system and thus enabling it to be cracked or circumvented.

V Protection of copyrights and other rights

  1. All rights to the Portal and all its elements (including, in particular, software, functional layout, graphic elements, databases and works presented as part of the Portal), with the exception of possible content originating from and distributed by Portal Users, belong to the Provider or to entities cooperating with him and are subject to legal protection.
  2. Using the Portal by the Users does not mean acquiring any rights to the Portal or its particular elements. The Users of the Portal may use the elements of the Portal (including the works made available as part of it) without the consent of the Service Provider, expressed in writing under pain of invalidity, only for their own personal use (so-called fair use), unless otherwise specified by the applicable law.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, irrespective of other reservations contained in these Terms and Conditions, the Provider reserves that without its consent expressed in writing under pain of invalidity, further dissemination of any content originating from the Portal, expressed in any form, is prohibited.

VI Liability of the service provider

  1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for errors or interruptions in the functioning of the Portal due to reasons beyond its control, in particular, those resulting from the actions or omissions of the Users inconsistent with the law, these Rules or due to force majeure.
  2. The content available on the Portal is for informational purposes only and is based on sources that the Provider considers to be reliable and verified. Due to the possibility of errors or omissions caused by circumstances beyond the Service Provider’s control, the Service Provider shall not be liable for the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the posted content, as well as for its usefulness or effectiveness for specific activities of the Users. The risk related to the use and application of the content shall be borne by the recipient. The Service Provider shall not be liable to the Client or any third party for any damages, whether direct or indirect, related to the use and application of the content posted on the Portal.
  3. The service provider reserves the right to manage temporary interruptions in the functioning of the Portal, in particular in the event of the need to carry out repairs, maintenance, upgrading or expansion of systems supporting the Portal.

VII Complaint procedure

  1. Users may submit complaints to the Provider regarding improper functioning of the Portal.
  2. Complaints are submitted in a documented form via e-mail sent to the address startupwroclaw@araw.pl or in writing, via registered letter sent to the address: Agencja Rozwoju Aglomeracji Wrocławskiej S.A, pl. Solny 14, 50-062 Wrocław, II floor, with the note “Reklamacja dot. portal internetowy Startup Wrocław”.
  3. The complaint should include:
  4. e-mail address, User’s correspondence address or other contact details enabling the sending of an answer to the submitted complaint, and
  5. a brief statement of the circumstances justifying the complaint (including an indication of what the complaint is about).
  6. The complaint must be submitted no later than within 10 (ten) days from the date on which the cause for the complaint arose.
  7. Complaints that do not meet the above conditions will not be considered.

VIII Final provisions

  1. These Terms of Use shall be effective from the date of their publication. 
  2. The content of these Regulations may be recorded by the User by printing, saving on a carrier or downloading at any time from the website https://startupwroclaw.pl/regulations/
  3. These Terms of Use may be amended at any time by the Service Provider. Any changes to these Terms of Use shall be posted on https://startupwroclaw.pl/regulations/ and shall become effective upon publication.
  4. The use of the services by the User after the introduction of amendments to the Terms of Use shall be deemed as acceptance thereof.
  5. Matters not covered by these Terms of Use shall be governed by generally applicable provisions of Polish law.